St John Rescue Corps (SJRC) was the first organisation in Malta, following the disbandment of the Civil Defence Corps, to offer a programme of rescue training for volunteers, and began to do so in 1986. Over the years, SJRC trained hundreds of volunteers, some of whom are still actively involved in the Corps. Many of our volunteers have pursued a career in the rescue sector with the CPD, the Armed Forces of Malta and the Malta Police Force. All our volunteers use the knowledge and skills they have learned with us when they encounter emergencies at home, on the road, or at their place of work.

SJRC offers a portfolio of training courses aimed at beginner and skilled rescuer level; committed to provide the highest level of instruction and facilities to volunteers and giving them the skills and knowledge to be safe and effective rescuers. SJRC trainers continually update their skills and revise the training courses in line with international standards and developments in the rescue sector.

Rescue Volunteer Class I Training

All volunteers are required to follow the Rescue Volunteer Class I (RV1) training programme. This training provides recruits with a solid foundation of basic rescue techniques and team work. The modules covered during the RV1 training programme include:

  • Introduction to the St John Rescue Corps
  • Compass & Mapping
  • Light Rescue including rope work, carrying methods, stretcher and ladder handling
  • Radio Voice Procedure
  • First Aid & AED
  • Foot Drill
  • Basic Fire Awareness
  • Health & Safety Awareness

During the course, the participants will be required to take a number of theoretical and practical assessments, so that development is constantly monitored. Recruits who successfully complete the above training modules will qualify as RV1 during the St John Rescue Corps’ Annual Inspection.

The next recruitment training programme starts on Saturday 12th January 2019 at 1430hrs. More information including instructions how to apply are available here.

Intermediate & Advanced Training

After qualifying as RV1, our volunteers follow intermediate and advanced training including:

  • High Angle Rescue
  • Urban Search & Rescue
  • Basic Watermanship
  • Rescue Diving
  • Intermediate Fire Fighting
  • Advanced Fire Fighting
  • Emergency Fire Appliance Driving Course
  • Road Traffic Collision Management
  • Incident Command
  • Train the Trainers

Volunteers also follow regular physical training in order to enhance their performance during rescue activities. As part of their training, volunteers regularly participate in rescue exercises organised by the Corps. Our volunteers also participate in national rescue exercises involving the CPD, the Government Medical Health Services, the Malta Police Force and the Armed Forces of Malta. Committed volunteers are routinely offered training opportunities with professional rescue organisations overseas such as Germany, Sweden, Austria and the United Kingdom.

Our volunteers meet for weekly training at St John Rescue Corps Headquarters & Training School based at the historic Fort Madalena, Madliena. Training is held on Saturday afternoon from 1400hrs onwards.

Apart from training Corps volunteers, the SJRC designs and delivers bespoke training that meets the needs of other organisations and entities, as well as the community at large. This training includes:

If you have a specific training request please contact us.