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Recruiting Volunteer Rope Rescuers – Nov 2017

We are now accepting applications from volunteers interested in joining our next recruitment programme starting in November 2017. This programme is mainly targetted towards volunteers interested in rope rescue duties with the SJRC. The programme consists of these modules:

  • Introduction to the St John Rescue Corps;
  • Light Rescue (rope work, carrying methods & stretcher handling);
  • Abseiling;
  • Radio Voice Procedure;
  • First Aid & AED;
  • Basic Fire Awareness
  • Foot Drill;
  • Health & Safety Awareness and
  • Compass & Mapping.

The training programme will commence on Saturday 11 November. Training sessions will be held Saturday afternoon between 1400 and 1800hrs at St John Rescue Corps Training School at Fort Madalena.  Occasionally some training sessions may be held during the week (one evening between 1900hrs and 2100hrs). During the course, the participants will be required to take a number of theoretical and practical assessments.

If you are interested in volunteering with us and you fulfill the requirements, we would be happy to meet you and discuss further. 

  • Over 18 years old;
  • Physically fit for the rigours of rescue work;
  • Committed to follow weekly training (every Saturday 1400-1800hrs and evening during the week 1900-2100hrs);
  • Willing to help others; and
  • Committed to volunteer during community events (e.g. concerts, sports events & festivals) and emergencies.

Should you wish to join our rope rescue team, kindly download this application form, fill in the necessary details and send it back together with a digital photo on join@sjrcmalta.org by not later than the 11th November 2017.  We will get back to you to  meet up.

YOU can make a difference!!


About the St John Rescue Corps

St John Rescue Corps (SJRC) is a voluntary organisation founded in 1986 to meet the need in Malta of a support civil defence unit consisting of adult volunteers fully trained in rescue and first aid.

Over the past 30 years, our volunteers have assisted in many emergency and community services. In 1995, SJRC was involved in its first major deployment, when the Libyan tanker Um El-Faroud exploded in the then Malta Drydocks. Since that time SJRC assisted in many emergencies including various industrial fires, searches for missing persons and fireworks factory explosions.

Today, SJRC provides backup rescue services to the Civil Protection Department (CPD). Through its fleet of fire trucks and trained volunteers, the Corps assists the CPD: to combat large fires and fireworks factory explosions and to rescue people and salvage property during floods.

Our rescue teams regularly cover community events including: national festivals & concerts, sports events, and village feasts. Additionally, our high-angle rescue team is regularly involved in initiatives aimed at preserving Malta’s national heritage. These initiatives involve clean-up operations of our fortifications and bastions. Our volunteers are also involved in pool and beach lifeguarding duties.

Our unpaid volunteers come from all walks of life including: university, sixth form and MCAST students; electricians; engineers; teachers and managers.

SJRC, together with St John Ambulance First Aid & Nursing and St John Ambulance Training Branch, forms part of St John Malta which operates under the auspices of the Order of St John, of which Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Sovereign Head.

Our Sponsors

SJRC is grateful for sponsorships received from the underlying companies:

Companies, entities and individuals interested in assisting the Rescue Corps with sponsorships are encouraged to contact us.