We are recruiting volunteers. . .

  • Would you like to be trained to assist in an emergency, or use your time more productively to make a difference in your community?
  • Would you like to belong to a group of enthusiastic people committed and willing to take on the challenge to help save lives and property?

YOU can make a difference!!

St John Rescue Corps is a voluntary organisation providing rescue services during community events and large scale rescue operations. We are always looking for bright and enthusiastic people who are willing to give up some of their free time for weekly training and to volunteer during community events and emergencies. Our unpaid volunteers come from all walks of life including University and MCAST students, electricians, engineers, managers, etc.

We provide all necessary training at no cost to you and have volunteer opportunities for everyone from emergency medical services and fire fighting services to administrative duties helping behind or at the scenes. More information about training.

If you would like to make a difference and be there for your friends and neighbours when it really matters, contact us today - join and Answer the Call!

Our Sponsors

St John Rescue Corps is grateful for sponsorships received from the underlying companies:

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Grimaldi Logo                   Reach and Rescue Logo

Sullivan Maritime Logo                   Zahra Enterprises Ltd Logo

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Companies, entities and individuals interested in assisting the Rescue Corps with sponsorships are encouraged to contact us.

Last Updated: 16-Aug-16