Melita Foundation supporting St John Rescue Corps

The Melita Foundation has announced its support to The St John Rescue Corps through the renovation and restoration of part of the 1880 Fort Madlena, the Melita Foundation saw this as the perfect chance to back an indispensable rescue organisation as well as preserve one of Malta’s historic landmarks.

Fort Madlena, was built between 1878 and 1880 by the British Forces. It forms part of the Victoria Lines and now falls under the responsibility of the Armed Forces of Malta.

A debilitated room inside the fort is used as the St John Rescue Corps’ headquarters. This is where all the Corps’ training and preparation takes place, so restoring it makes it more adequate for use by The Corps’ members.

This restoration aims to provide a better environment for carrying out training and other activities related to the invaluable work of The St John Corps, including health, safety and emergency response training that is crucial for members to respond to general emergencies.

The Corps are also trained in firefighting, urban search and rescue, water rescue, high angle rescue, and medical support. The cherry on the cake is that restoring the space not only helps an organisation save lives but also preserves and protects one of Malta’s most valuable historic and cultural spaces.