Training Camp – Oct 2017

Between Friday the 20th of October and Sunday the 22nd of October, Corps’ members setup another camp to simulate a local medium-term deployment Base of Operations. The setup of such a camp took place in Verdala and it consisted of a command centre, sleeping quarters, recreational and eating area, showering area and a kitchen. This camp was a balance between training and team building and it further strengthened the bonds between Corps members and their ability to deploy as a team and hence better serve the community in times of need.

In fact, after the setting up of the camp, there was a night rescue exercise at Miġra Ferħa where the members’ rescue skills were put to the test. Following this exercise, the camp consisted of team building activities so as to further increase the sense of camaraderie between the Corps members. The ability of members to work together as a team is an essential skill during rescue operations. One of such team building activities consisted of a soap box challenge whereby members were provided wooden pallets and had to use tools found in the Corps’ vehicles to build a soap box. This soap box challenge encouraged the members to think outside the box, show their engineering and creative skills whilst getting to know each other even more.

This project has been funded through the Small Initiatives Support Scheme managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

SJRC Camp Oct 2017

SJRC Camp Team  Oct 2017

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