Let’s Do It Malta Clean-up – Sep 2017

On 16th September, Corps’ members participated in the national cleaning campaign organised by Let’s Do It Malta. Members assisted in the cleaning up of the picturesque bay of Fomm ir-Riħ, Mġarr. Access to this bay is via a rough, tricky and sometimes steep pathway and because of this terrain, our members decided to put their High Angle skills to good use.

After going down the treacherous path, and having collected the various garbage which was littering the bay (filling more than 20 garbage bags), the members set up a simple yet ingenious system of ropes and pulleys so as to haul the garbage up. By using this rope system, our members avoided of repeatedly going up and down the perilous path whilst carrying the garbage collected down below. In fact, due to the steep incline and terrain, two rope systems were set up, one hauling the garbage half-way up and another used to haul up the garbage from half-way up to the top from where it was then collected.

It was the Corps’ pleasure in providing assistance to clean-up this wild secluded bay and restoring it to its natural pristine condition.

Lets do it Malta Corps' Team - Sep 2017

Let's Do It Malta Clean-up - Sep 2017