EU Exhange of Experts Programme – Jun-Jul 2016

Members of the St John Rescue Corps participated in another EU Exchange of Experts overseas training organised by the Austrian Fire & Rescue Academy and DLRG of Konstanz between the 27th of June to the 4th of July 2016.

The first part of the Exchange of Experts programme took place at the Firefighting Training Centre of Vorarlberg (Landesfeuerwehrverband Vorarlberg), Austria. The Corps members learnt new techniques and skills which were then put to the test in the smoke house and hot fire containers and the daunting BA confined space maze.

EU Exhange of Experts Programme - Jun-Jul 2016

The group then travelled to Konstanz, Germany and stayed at the station of the water rescue service of DLRG OG Konstanz. Our volunteers took part in several water rescue exercises including recovery of a man overboard, transportation of casualties on boats, towing of a capsized sailing boat and water surface search pattern techniques.

EU Exhange of Experts Programme - Jun-Jul 2016

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