A War to End All Wars? – Nov-Dec 2014

Fort Madalena was the venue for an innovative musical performance by DLS Productions commemorating the centenary anniversary of The Great War. Audiences of this musical were taken back in time on a physical voyage to one of Europe’s darkest hours. This musical involved a structured walk-through the training rooms and parade grounds of the Fort, which offered 15 platforms for a manifestation of war related songs from a 100 year span, as well as complementing dance, and well known war poetry. From popular 40s close harmony singing to 90s rock songs, A war to end all wars? unravelled the love story of Charlie and Claire, whose destiny is left uncertain, through this unnecessary and futile war. The performances were held between the 28th of November and the 4th of December.

A War to End All Wars? - Nov-Dec 2014