Night Exercise – Jan 2013

On Friday 25th January, the temperature at Buskett was very cold but members of St John Rescue Corps participated in an exercise, in order to further their preparedness for possible emergencies. The exercise consisted of a simulated explosion in the silos located at Buskett, where two casualties were known ‘reported’ to be missing. Two teams were deployed – a Fire Team and an Urban Search & Rescue Team (USAR). Simulated smoke was used and this was quickly handled upon first approach. An Automatic Distress Signal Unit from one of the Firemen was set off by one of the exercise marshals in order to simulate an emergency which the trainees had to deal with in the course of the exercise. The USAR team meanwhile carried out an abseiling exercise down a shaft leading to where casualties ‘had last been seen’. After ‘administering’ first aid to the casualties ‘found’, these were raised in a stretcher to a safe area. The exercise concluded at around 2230hrs and the volunteers returned to Fort Madalena.

Night Exercise Jan 2013

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